About Dr Karlovsky

Dr Karlovsky is a board-certified urologist with advanced fellowship training in female urinary incontinence and other disorders of the female bladder such as prolapse and recurrent urinary tract infections. His practice is located in suburban Phoenix, AZ.

Unlike most urologists, the majority of his practice is made up of female patients. He has developed a niche between the fields of urology and gynecology to treat women with these conditions.

Dr Matthew KarlovskyDr Karlovsky has appeared on various local television, radio and internet broadcasts, and has been featured in M.D. News Magazine. He has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on female pelvic floor disorders and has presented original work at local and national urology meetings. He is a peer reviewer himself for journals and meetings, and gives talks to physician and public groups as well.

He has helped thousands of women regain bladder control. In the 64 well illustrated pages of Female Urinary Incontinence, and without too much medical jargon, he describes why UI occurs and what you can do about it. Let his pocket-sized but informative book help you too.

If you live in the Phoenix metro area and desire a personalized consultation, you may contact Dr. Karlovsky to make an appointment. His practice: Arizona State Urological Institute, 4530 E. Ray Rd, Suite 178, Phoenix, AZ, 85044. (480) 394-0200.